Collection: AIR MATTRESS

Noren medical Air mattresses helps in the prevention of bed sore and are often referred as anti decubitus mattress.

By using different motions and patterns, the air actually stops pressure build-ups from happening. Consequently, this slows down any pressure injuries taking hold and promotes better circulation in vulnerable areas of the body.

This premium quality PVC mattress is a perfect fit for all those patients suffering from injuries or bed ridden for any other reason. It prevents bedsores and ulcers by inflating and deflating air bubbles alternatively. Air pump with variable pressure dial allows to control the air flow. Its pump is ultra-quiet and allows customization of pressure level as per patient’s comfort level. The material used for making the mattress is waterproof and medical grade which makes it completely safe for use in all conditions.


Alternating Therapy

Designed especially for bedridden patients, this mattress has around 130 individual air bubbles that provide enhanced air circulation and ventilation to ensure improved comfort and prevent bedsores.

Durable Construction

This antibacterial mattress is waterproof and fire-resistant to ensure enhanced durability. It’s constructed from medical-grade PVC material and it has bubble pad surface to ensure excellent comfort and ventilation.

Customized Air Flow Pressure

You can inflate this mattress in a jiffy by using the air pump provided along with the mattress. The air pump allows you to set the pressure level with its switch knob.

Quiet and Fast Inflation

The air pump ensures quick and vibration-free inflation. It can be hung on almost all bed frames with its integrated hangers.

Ideal for Medical Care

Noren medical Air mattresses is suitable for beds of all sizes. You can place it over your existing mattress. It’s a great choice of mattress for homes and medical centres.

Portable and Handy

Noren medical Air mattresses is lightweight and compact design makes it ideal for all kinds of spaces, including your home or medical clinic. It can be carried conveniently to different places or stored almost anywhere.