Collection: NEBULIZERS

Introducing the Noren Nebulizer Series — a comprehensive solution for respiratory care.

  1. Noren C1 : The Noren C1 Nebulizer is a reliable choice for those managing respiratory conditions. Crafted with a body of virgin quality ABS and a 2mm wall thickness, it boasts a 25mm CCA motor, ISI standard power cord, and TPE bushes for an affordable, effective, and efficient drug delivery system. With food-grade Silicon tubes, SS Springs, foam packing, and a 2-year warranty, it ensures trust and durability.

  2. Noren C2 : Compact and efficient, the Noren C2 Nebulizer is designed for ease and effectiveness in respiratory therapy. Featuring a shock-resistant ABS body, low noise operation, ultra-fine particle delivery, strong airflow, and one-button operation, it offers a universal solution with no age restrictions. This nebulizer ensures affordable and reliable drug delivery for daily use.

  3. Handheld DC Compressor Nebulizer (Noren DCN100) : Embrace portability and advanced technology with the Noren DCN100. This handheld DC compressor nebulizer is perfect for on-the-go respiratory care. With features like low noise, time function, digital screen display, small and lightweight design, handy operation, and DC power input, it allows for easy and convenient usage anywhere, ensuring complete and efficient inhalation of medicinal drugs.